Our Journey

AKA Insurance Advisors

We are focused on consistently building year after year to make sure every client is getting the best products and services. It is the power of teamwork which separates us from our competitors.  We are leaders not only enrolling members into Health and Life Insurance plans, but we are leaders in ethics within our organization.  We are here to work diligently for those who choose to be part of the Sunshine Team.

Our Mission



We are independent agents who represent Sunshine Life and Health Advisors also known as "Las Madrinas" or The Godmothers and pioneers of the industry.  We began to educate and create awareness in the community about The Affordable Care Act also known as “Obama Care” in early 2013. We have served our community for the past three open enrollments and have a commitment to customer service for our clients.  Our names are Ulysses and Alany Hernandez and we are husband and wife.   We both have our 2-15 license in Florida, Texas, California , Utah and several other states while being appointed with all MAJOR carriers.  We specialize in “Obama Care” and also offer Medicare, Life, Ancillary and Dental products. Both of us have attained top producer and exceptional customer service awards consistently for three years. We believe that each client is unique and we cater to the individual needs of each one.  Our services are free to the community and we are available year round to assist you with all of your insurance needs, questions and concerns.​